Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Private Undergroud Forum Is Open

A message from Team of HackerZone:
Private Undergroud Forum http://h4ck3rz0n3.net is Open for users now. (Entry Only via Interview)
What you have to to do to register there and Post your Qualities and some of the things into Interview Section.
That forum is filled up with g33ks and they will select you very soon if you post a nice topic.
So, Actually that means your topic into the Interview section should be unique and probably the best topic to get yourself accepted into one of the most Hidden Forums.
Some of the Exploits on the forums are (As Claimed by Owners and proved already)
 # Cloudflare CP Exploit
 # Amazon Consoles
So, We if your interested, join and post your Interview topic as soon as possible.
They Says: It can be the best way to enter into an unknown world which makes us known most of the things related to cyber world.