Tuesday, 18 November 2014

6500+ Websites of Pakistan Hacked n Defaced by Indian Haxors on India’s Independence Day

After Cyber Attack from Pakistan on 14th August on the Independence Day of Pakistan on Indian websites, Indian Hackers, reunited and Hacked more than 6500 websites of Pakistan just a day after, on 15th August on Independence Day of India, Both the countries have one day difference in between their Freedom gaining – Independence Day. 

The list of hacked websites with their mirror could be find below:
In Addition to the above websites, Indian Hackers were also able to keep many of the Important Government websites of Pakistan down for whole day. list of websites that were down for whole day are seen below:
Also the website of Pakistan  telecom (www.ptcl.com.pk) was down for the whole day.
Many of The Cyber Security Team and experts says- The cyber war has been won by India for sure.