Tuesday, 18 November 2014

First UK Bitcoin ATMs Reportedly Hitting London in February

No more shall the United Kingdom exist without the presence of a bitcoin ATM. A new report indicates that two startups are racing to bring a bitcoin kiosk to the country by next month.
One of these start-ups is aptly named Global Bitcoin ATM Ltd. With the goal to install five machines monthly, the company looks to install its first Robocoin machine on a high street in Central London.
The second company is SatoshiPoint, who hopes install two Robocoin bitcoin ATMs in London in March. The planned locations are Oxford Street and Notting Hill.

For now, users in London (and on a larger scale, the United Kingdom) do have alternate options for getting their paws on bitcoin, but it will cerBlockednly be interesting to see how the bitcoin ATM ecosystem plays out in the country.