Tuesday, 30 December 2014

ODA Online DisAssembler


ODA stands for Online DisAssembler. ODA is a general purpose machine code disassembler that supports a myriad of machine architectures.
Built on the shoulders of libbfd and libopcodes (part of binutils), ODA allows you to explore an executable by dissecting its sections,
strings, symbols, raw hex, and machine level instructions.

ODA is an online Web Based Disassembler for when you don’t have time or space for a thick client.
ODA is a BETA release that is limited by the resource constraints of the server on which it is hosted and the spare time of its creators

  •     Malware analysis
  •     Vulnerability research
  •     Visualizing the control flow of a group of instructions
  •     Disassembling a few bytes of an exception handler that is going off into the weeds
  •     Reversing the first few bytes of a Master Boot Record (MBR) that may be corrupt
  •     Debugging an embedded systems device driver          

Online DisAssembler