Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Am I Hacker Proof Android tool

Am I Hacker Proof scans your network, computer or website from the outside as a hacker would, looking for vulnerabilities. Once it finds the vulnerabilities, it will email or text you
 letting you know how many vulnerabilities you have. In addition, in the paid version you can check to see if your voicemail on your cell phone is hacker proof.

This App does not use any resources on your phone. Once you start a scan you will be
notified via email or text your scan started. When your scan is completed you will be notified again that your scan is complete.

Am I Hacker Proof includes these services for free:
- Choose from three types of scans: A “Quick” scan (up to four hours), a “Complete” scan
 (can take up to four days to complete), and a Web site scan (searches for vulnerabilities in certain types of Web sites; currently supports WordPress Web sites).

- You can perform a scan on any Web or IP address.

- You can scan up to 10 times a month.

- Built- in tools – Ping, Traceroute, Whois, ISP/E-mail Service Providers database and real
 time cyber security news feeds.
- Your reports are saved in a PDF file that you can read on your device or forward to any email address you like.

- Your account on your device works on the website www.AmIHackerProof.com so you can have access to more applications.

-> Voicemail Hacking.

- Built-in tools – Ping, Traceroute, Whois, ISP/E-mail Service Providers database and real time cyber security news feeds.

- Search through the scans you performed by address, time, number of vulnerabilities, or status.

- You get an email and text message letting you know the number of vulnerabilities found on that IP address or website.