Tuesday, 30 December 2014

L517 Wiord List Generator Tool

L517 is a word-list generator for the Windows Operating System. L517 is small (considering what it does), it is fast (considering it's a Windows app), and it is lightweight (when not loading astronomically large lists). A user-friendly GUI requires no memorization of command-line arguments!

L517 contains hundreds of options for generating a large, personalized, and/or generic wordlist. With L517, you can generate phone numbers, dates, or every possible password with only a few clicks of the keyboard; all the while, filtering unwanted passwords.

Collecting: Gathers words from many different file-types,

    .doc / .docx
    .htm / .html
    .jpg / .jpeg
    and many more
    Can handle both unix and windows text file types,
    Collect from every file in a directory (and subdirectories),
    Collect words from a website (strips HTML code), good for personalized wordlists (myspace, facebook, etc),
    Collect from dragged-and-dropped selected text or files,
    Collect words from pasted text (Ctrl+V).

L517 requires MSVBVM60.DLL and MSCOMCTL.OCX in order to run.

Download Link