Thursday, 8 January 2015

Free Rs.200 Promo Balance From Mobikwik [ New Users Only & a small trick for existed users ]

Free Rs.200 Promo Balance From Mobikwik
[ New Users Only ]

Mobikwik is offering Rs.200 free promo balance if you create new Mobikwik account. You cannot use those promo balance as a recharge, but you can send those balance to your friends and if they accepts your balance, then you will also get credited as Rs.10.

 Let's see How ?? 

Download Mobikwik application from playstore and create new Mobikwik account. 

Note : If you are already using Mobikwik, then I would suggest you to use these steps in Android emulator like Youwave else you will not get Rs.200 promo balance but i have a small trick for that.

Once you created new account, goto transfer option. There you can see notification as "Mobikwik has credited free Promo balance in your wallet. Your Promo balance is Rs.200". 

Now click on "How to use". 

There you can see contact list of friends, if there is no contact list then goto contacts section and create some new accounts. 

Now come back to Mobikwik and again click on How to use and send those Rs.200 to any of your 10 friends.

 Note : You cannot send one friend twice from one account so you have to send those Rs.200 promo balance to 10 friends. Now if your friend accepts that Rs.10, then both  of you will get Rs.10 in your account. So ask your friend to accept it immediately.

 Note : Here is my number, if you wish you can send here I will accept instantly : 9573888004.

So finally, create as much as new Mobikwik account you can and
enjoy this free balance trick. 

Note : Sometimes your friend might get Error of Transaction Declined at the time of accepting balance. There is no solution for this, Mobikwik is tracking device ids so sometimes you might face this type of error as well. 

A small trick :
If you are already registered with mobikwik then logout current account then signup with same number with different mail id. 

Boooom you got 200 promo balance again. Enjoy and comment below for queries